Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Reading

I have been going to the doctor every other day with a injured employee. While I was there Monday I picked up this magazine, Sports Spectrum, where sports and FAITH collide. It is a magazine full of professional athletes and their encounter with Christ. I can't think of a better magazine to read. I read Josh Hamilton's story and it is a awesome story of grace, faith, and salvation with a whole lot of prayer to go with it. Hey that sounds a lot like a story every believer should have. I just need to be more bold in sharing mine. I brought the issue home if anyone would like to read it. I think no matter who you are you will enjoy it whether you like baseball or not. Boog mentioned something about trying to get him to visit First Baptist Church of Malakoff. Get busy Boog.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven Nobody Wants To Go Today

That title is actually the title to one of Kenny Chesney's new song. I heard it for the first time yesterday. I do not know how long it has been playing, I do not listen to the radio much when I am driving I'm usually in deep thought about a brick plant. Any way it reminded me of a conversation my dad and I had when I was 19 or 20 years old. My Grandmother always would say we need to pray for Jesus to come back. After that statement one day I was working in the yard with dad and I said, Dad I am ready to go to Heaven but I want to live first. Dad said nothing for a few minutes and his silence told me not to say any thing else. After a few minutes he stop what he was doing looked at me and with a very serious voice said "Son that is very selfish of you." I will never know what dad was thinking that evening but I know exactly what he meant if that makes any sense. I wanted a wife and little did he know I already had one pick out. I wanted kids and to watch them grow up. I wanted to see what kind of career I would end up with. I have been blessed with all of these and so much more. I don't think I was wrong in any way for wanting these things and I do know I did not achieve any of them. They were all given to me by God. Now at the age of 33 I am all about going to Heaven and the sooner the better. No more pain, no more sorrow, only tears of joy! What A Day That Will Be to use another song title. I like that one better.

Monday, August 4, 2008

In a Rut

As most of you know I went to youth camp with Boog and our youth this summer. It was great! I got to spend a week with some great students and also spend more time in prayer and in God's word than I have in a long time. It was all that I remember youth camp to be even the part were the week seemed so short. I walked away from the week deciding to keep two things a routine in my day to day activities. I was going to keep exercising and stay in the word because it had been such a good week and I felt great and everyone knows that those two ingredients are needed. Well the first thing I mentioned has went well. I run two miles every other day and I feel great. No matter how hot or how tired I am after work. The next thing I mention should have been first on my list but some how never finds it's way there. I was good for the first two weeks. I would get up early ever morning before work and read a little of God's word every day. The third week did not go so well, I decided I need some more sleep because I was too tired. That's OK though I just went to work and change my schedule so that I would get to work an hour later every day(that is a blessing in itself). This would be great I could sleep later and still read my bible, BUT it has not went so well. Why is it I can find time to do every thing I want to do but not what I know I need to do. It is definitely not because God hasn't done any thing for me. I have a great family, great job, and surrounded by good christian friends and yet I always find myself saying I will start tomorrow. Thank you Jesus for not saying I will start tomorrow when you were on a hill 2000 years ago for me!!!!!