Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Reading

I have been going to the doctor every other day with a injured employee. While I was there Monday I picked up this magazine, Sports Spectrum, where sports and FAITH collide. It is a magazine full of professional athletes and their encounter with Christ. I can't think of a better magazine to read. I read Josh Hamilton's story and it is a awesome story of grace, faith, and salvation with a whole lot of prayer to go with it. Hey that sounds a lot like a story every believer should have. I just need to be more bold in sharing mine. I brought the issue home if anyone would like to read it. I think no matter who you are you will enjoy it whether you like baseball or not. Boog mentioned something about trying to get him to visit First Baptist Church of Malakoff. Get busy Boog.

1 comment:

Nathan said...

lol boog is way behind the times....Donna has been working for2 months on trying to get him here for a series I may didnt really think an aggie could come up with that did you?